Thursday, June 16, 2011

One-linear R: multiple ggplots on one page

First, par(mfrow=c(nrow,ncol)) does not go together with ggplot2 plots. Too bad, the simplest way I know of just wouldn't work.

There are two solutions I found out. The first is posted here. It's a smart function that performs par(mfrow) tasks. I just copied the code here
# Source:

# Function used below in the function 'arrange'
vp.layout <- function(x, y) viewport(layout.pos.row=x, layout.pos.col=y)

# Function to plot multiple ggplots together
arrange <- function(..., nrow=NULL, ncol=NULL, as.table=FALSE) {
dots <- list(...)
n <- length(dots)
if(is.null(nrow) & is.null(ncol)) { nrow = floor(n/2) ; ncol = ceiling(n/nrow)}
if(is.null(nrow)) { nrow = ceiling(n/ncol)}
if(is.null(ncol)) { ncol = ceiling(n/nrow)}

## NOTE see n2mfrow in grDevices for possible alternative
pushViewport(viewport(layout=grid.layout(nrow,ncol) ) )
ii.p <- 1
for(ii.row in seq(1, nrow)){
ii.table.row <- ii.row
if(as.table) {ii.table.row <- nrow - ii.table.row + 1}

for(ii.col in seq(1, ncol)){
ii.table <- ii.p
if(ii.p > n) break
print(dots[[ii.table]], vp=vp.layout(ii.table.row, ii.col))
ii.p <- ii.p + 1

Another solution would be to use the 'grid.arrange' function in 'gridExtra' package. This function cooperates with not only plots, but also tables ('tableGrob'). So a plot can have both plots and text tables in it. And it has more controls over the title and sub titles. Very slick!

# Test
x <- qplot(mpg, wt, data=mtcars)
y <- qplot(1:10, letters[1:10])
arrange(x, y, nrow=1)
grid.arrange(x, y, ncol=1)

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